Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's been a couple of months when I first heard of Snackbox, I didn't pay much attention to be honest, but then when I stumble upon it again today I realized how an amazing service it is. It's a simple deal: You either pay monthly or every three or six months and you receive right on your door a box full of snacks, and not just any kind of snacks, but the healthiest type. Gluten free, low sugar, whole grain, organic... just about everyhting I like to hear when it comes to food, specially about snacks. Don't you find it hard sometimes to find the right snack? Either it is that you're hungry or craving for something tasty or sweet in between meals when you end up eating whatever you can find which is often the unhealthiest thing ever. Snackbox solves this problem, it supplies you for a month worth of healthy nutritious snacks and hey! they look delicious too! Which is great news and as far as this whole idea makes me happy there's also a downside to it; they only ship in Canada (I know, sad face). Its funny to me knowing that I lived in Canada for three years and never heard of it, I wasn't in the whole healthy lifestyle kind of thing back then anyways, but it is still ironic you know? While I was there I never appreciated the extensive vegetarian/healthy/organic/outdoorsy kind of lifestyle Vancouver offers, and now that I no longer live there crave for all those amenities the city has for us people interested in all these fun stuff. It is already a challenge living in Mexico City and being a vegetarian let's not say gluten/sugar/fat free and unprocessed food junkie. That being said, Snackbox would make me the happiest person if they would ship here. I hope someday they will, in the mean time, I wanted to share this service with you darlings, in case you are in Canada. 

Isn't this like snack heaven?
Images from Snackbox

Has anybody enjoyed snacks from this wonderful service? Would love to hear about it!!


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