Thursday, September 12, 2013


So, fashion month has started... like a week ago, I know! I've been so busy with work that I have had no time to post. I had watch a few shows only but I hope I get to do a compilation of my favourite ones, in these upcoming days. Luckily there are still some more shows to come: London, Milan and Paris. Im looking forward to see Prada, Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant amongst others. Which are the shows you can't wait to see? Do you have any favourite designer? To me it's so hard to say one, fashion is art and everyone has a different vision on it.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's been a couple of months when I first heard of Snackbox, I didn't pay much attention to be honest, but then when I stumble upon it again today I realized how an amazing service it is. It's a simple deal: You either pay monthly or every three or six months and you receive right on your door a box full of snacks, and not just any kind of snacks, but the healthiest type. Gluten free, low sugar, whole grain, organic... just about everyhting I like to hear when it comes to food, specially about snacks. Don't you find it hard sometimes to find the right snack? Either it is that you're hungry or craving for something tasty or sweet in between meals when you end up eating whatever you can find which is often the unhealthiest thing ever. Snackbox solves this problem, it supplies you for a month worth of healthy nutritious snacks and hey! they look delicious too! Which is great news and as far as this whole idea makes me happy there's also a downside to it; they only ship in Canada (I know, sad face). Its funny to me knowing that I lived in Canada for three years and never heard of it, I wasn't in the whole healthy lifestyle kind of thing back then anyways, but it is still ironic you know? While I was there I never appreciated the extensive vegetarian/healthy/organic/outdoorsy kind of lifestyle Vancouver offers, and now that I no longer live there crave for all those amenities the city has for us people interested in all these fun stuff. It is already a challenge living in Mexico City and being a vegetarian let's not say gluten/sugar/fat free and unprocessed food junkie. That being said, Snackbox would make me the happiest person if they would ship here. I hope someday they will, in the mean time, I wanted to share this service with you darlings, in case you are in Canada. 

Isn't this like snack heaven?
Images from Snackbox

Has anybody enjoyed snacks from this wonderful service? Would love to hear about it!!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

HUNTER + Rag & Bone

Ok, how amazing is this? Just in case Hunter boots weren't already a must have in every girl's wardrobe but now Rag & Bone collaborates with them to make the most amazing, probably the coolest rain boots ever. I need a pair, seriously.

Rag & Bone has been one of my favourite brands for, of course, their impeccable craftsmanship on constructing clothes and their effortless/cool British vibe in all their collections. I could dress head to to toe with their understated yet edgy take on fashion, it's definitely my style. It's no surprise to me that they create an amazing rain boot collection with Hunter, which by the way, is the king of rain boots. That being said, we must own at least one pair. The colections is out for sale on September 9th, but you can pre-order your pretty boots if you are like me and cannot waith to hold them in your hands, or better said, feet. Just in time for fall.
There are four different colours available, the black one is my favourite though.
Image from Hunter

The zipper on the outside is a nice touch, adding the classic Hunter boot an edgy look.
Image from Hunter

Do you like this collaboration? What do you think of these two brands?


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zara TRF Fall Lookbook

There's no news that grunge is now very popular in fashion lately, and judging by the amount of merchandise inspired by it on stores now, we can tell is quite on trend for the next season. To be honest, this style, hasn't been one of my favourites before but it has come to my attention that I wear a lot of this style elements' actually. It has recently being growing in me for the last couple of years unconsciously. 

Today I realized I do evoke grunge in many of my outfits, weird right? I can't believe I didn't notice before, specially when I thought I had nothing to do with that era and felt completely unrelated to grunge music, style, or anything related (excluding Kurt Cobain, which I have to admit I have a little crush on). I think it has something to do about plaid and my long lasting indifference, which we know it's like the most outstanding feature from those times fashion. For some reason plaid has never been of my interest, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I wore plaid every day for eleven years in a row? (yup, I was a private school girl), I think that's probably it. 

Anyway, I don't own any plaid neither Doc Martens but there is something about grunge that now I think is fascinating. Lately I feel tempted to update my wardrobe with some of the most characteristic elements from the rebellious 90's era.  Plaid, combat boots, and a Nirvana tee are on my to-buy list already. This fall I plan on adding a slightly grunge touch to some of my outfits, it will mix perfectly with some of the chunky oversized knits I already own, I'm in that british/cool/gloomy/effortless kind of mood, ya know? I wanted to share Zara's TRF Fall Collection, it seems to be a nice option this season, don't you think?

Plaid, plaid, and more plaid. Perfect balance so it remains stylish.

I love the floor length top with a shorter loose knit over.
Although floral  aren't much my think, I think the dress on the back looks quite good.

Chunky scarfs... my fave!

Click here to take a look at the complete collection. Which garments do yo like the most?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Retail Theraphy

Image by Elle G.

What comes into your mind when you hear retail therapy? Probably shopping was your first thought, right? Well, in this case I'm not talking about that kind of therapy, but the total opposite: working in retail. Of course I'm talking about fashion retail (any other kind would be disastrous) and how therapeutic it can be to work in a clothing store. I know it might not be everyone's dream job, but it is for me, fashion means everything to me, as Coco used to say; fashion is everywhere and I agree, I can truly find fashion everywhere I go. I work for a big fast fashion company, in one of their newest acquisitions, and let me tell you that I absolutely love it (so far ;) ). I don't know if it's something about the fast paced rhythm or the long hours spent surrounded by so many clothes and shoes, but I have to say it's been super fun for me. I've learned many things and I'm really impressed on how we make everything work, specially when there are only 6 people working in the store (me included) as we are low on staff for now. I'm really proud of my team, we have a great connection and we work nicely together, I just really hope we can find the rest of the staff we need, cause I'm overloaded with work, and not exactly getting paid for all of it. Anyway I am very happy with the job I have, and for the opportunity of working for such an amazing retail company. 

PS: I know that I said before that one of the reasons why I decided to start this blog was because I had no job for the moment and had lots of spare time. Well... that changed, I'm no longer unemployed, which unfortunately means I have less time to write on the blog, but I'll do my best I promise!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

WWW: What Would I Wear

To first day of school.

Even when I'm no longer a student (encountered feelings) I decided to do my very first post of What Would I Wear for that so much expected first day of school. I know how difficult it can get for most girls, no matter if you're in high school or college it is always important for us how we look on that day. They say we are never supposed to judge a book by it cover, and that's true sometimes (specially when it comes to actual books), but first impressions are ALWAYS important. I do believe it is more about how you feel about yourself and how you want to present yourself to others. Confidence is the best accessory, that's not an argument, but what better way to complement it than with a great outfit. So here it is, what I would wear to my first day of school. 

1. Stradivarius $15.95E
2. Current/Elliot $658
3. Alexander Wang $566
4. Givenchy $650
5. Illesteva $260
6. Herschel & Supply Co. $39.99
7. Chanel $27

This outfit is somewhat sporty yet stylish. I love how the boyfriend cut leather pants (this cut is my favourite lately) and oversized sweaters look together,  this is a style that I go for a lot, so comfy and effortless. Those laced leather sneakers are so cool I cant even contain myself, they combine perfectly with those pants, and they would go perfectly with many things in my wardrobe, I want them... like... NOW! I chose accessories that would stand out and add a pop of colour to the look, I usually wear neutral tones, white, black, grey, so I try to have fun when it comes to accessories, whether it's either a chunky  necklace or bright coloured shoes, they always make you stand out. This time an asymmetric necklace makes the perfect team with a bright yellow classic backpack and metallic royal blue nail polish. The sunglasses are just the cherry on top. I love this!

What do you think? 


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matter Matters

While chilling on one of my favourite blogs ever, I ran into some amazing accessories form a brand called Matter Matters. This luxury and lifestyle brand, which is now based in Hong Kong after being originated in London, has the perfect promise: to be youthful, playful, and creative using unexpected combinations of materials and geometric shapes. Inspired by Art Deco and Mod couture, and artists such as Andy Warhol and Max Huber, Matter Matters has created bold, stylish, and fun fashion accessories. What’s not to love? 

How basic shapes can combine into a master piece?
Image from Matter Matters
They basically had just cloned me into a purse, seriously, it is like these guys are in my mind.
Image from Matter Matters

This tote, seems to be now, a must in every wardrobe. Or mine at least ;)
Image from Matter Matters
Love the chunky chain straps and bold colours.
Image from Matter Matters

So simple but genius, plus... isn't the styling super cool?
Image from Matter Matters

Don't forget to get on to check this brand out. It's perfection!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The (Vegetarian, in my case) South Beach Diet. Can you not eat carbs and be perfectly happy?

I started the south beach diet two weeks ago with phase 1, in which you’re only allowed to eat protein, vegetables, legumes, and some fats. This phase lasts two weeks long (for most cases) and this is the time where you are supposed to shed most of your extra pounds. You had probably heard about it before, if not you can visit to learn more about it. 

At first I was really excited about this diet, especially because all the fuzz going on around it and the many many cases of people and celebrities who had gone on the diet and lost lots of weight. I decided to give it a go, I mean, what else could I loose except for a few pounds (15 to be exact), right? Let me first tell you that I’m not into the whole dieting thing, I do not like diets (who does?) and specially, I do not like the fact that the portions and combinations can sometimes be ridiculous. Anyway, this time I was up for it! And it turned out great! For the first 13 days at least… when then I decided to weight myself after more than one week on the diet and what happened? I didn’t loose a single gram. Sad, don’t you think? I had been restricting my body from carbs and more importantly FRUIT!! For almost two weeks by now and NOTHING happened. I was really disappointed and I got even more disappointed when I read other people’s experiences about how when they reintroduced carbs in their diet they gained all the weight back. It makes perfect sense though, when you take carbs and sugars off your intake, your metabolism ends up getting used to that, when you eat them back then it restocks from them just in case you decide to take them off your diet again, therefor you gain weight. 

Truth is that you body needs a little of everything, including carbs and sugar, of course I’m talking about the good ones only, like the ones in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also let’s not forget about how these diets induce you to hypoglycemia and ketosis, which are some of the side effects of not eating carbs and sugar, not to mention fatigue, dehydration, muscle loss, and constipation. I know we all want to look like Alessandra Ambrosio (BTW she eats a little of everything and still looks fabulous) but not under the circumstances which not only will NOT make you loose weight but put your health in danger. Your body is wise and will tell you what it’s good and what it’s not for you, so listen carefully. 

I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t gonna keep up with the South Beach Diet and that I will make my own, based on what I know is healthy and works with my lifestyle (which by the way includes being happy, and desserts make me happy, so I need to figure out a way on making healthy versions of these too.) I’m still working on to improve this so I can find the right balance between diet and exercise to look and feel great! I’ll keep you posted on my new eating and working out habits and let you know how I feel.

Has anyone else had some experience with these types of diets, Atkins, South Beach, or any other carb-less diet? I would love to know!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

John Galliano: I forgive you!

In order to start getting a little contentious here, I would like to talk a lot about Galliano and the whole fashion exile situation of his.
Image from

Ever since I can remember I had been in love with his work, in fact I think him and Valentino were the first designers I ever heard of when I was a kid, making them some sort of the key point for me wanting to become a fashion designer. I will always owe them for shaping me into who I am; they have all my respect as artists. Having said that, you can probably imagine what I’m about to say about Galliano then, but in case you didn’t here I come.

It was a cold night in almost the end of Vancouver's winter (yes, I use to live in Vancouver. Canada, no the other one), when I heard about former Dior’s creative director anti-Semitic rants. I would be lying if I had said I was surprised, not because I knew he had this racial “preferences” before, but honestly I wasn’t affected by his words, only disappointed. I know a lot of people can still feel hurt about comments of this nature but did he really deserve such a big punishment? Cause believe me, loosing your job is no joke, but to be margined from society by everyone, it’s even more humiliating.

F/W 2011 RTW
John Galliano's last collection for his own brand.
Images from 

Truth is he made a mistake, he had had a difficult life (like most of us do under our own circumstances), we can’t possible quite get what’s going on in this genius’ mind, then who we are to judge the way we did?  Plus John Galliano isn’t John Galliano for being a nice and kind human being, but for being a fucking fashion legend, let’s let him stick what he does best, don’t we? His personal believes are secondary in this scenario, don’t you think? Let’s not exclude this world form his revolutionary vision just because the guy got drunk and spoke a little bit too much.
Christian Dior
F/W 2011 RTW
I would wear this head to toe, those booties are amazing!
Images from

On the other hand I understand why Dior and everyone else did what they did back then, what he said was truly hurtful and cruel of his. I also believe that with the same respect he should’ve shown for all people, no matter their race, we should feel for him too. We are all entitled to our own personal believes, as long as they do not harm others, which in this case John failed to avoid, but let’s not act the same to him.

Let’s not forget there’s a beautiful “thing” called Karma, which balances out the whole universe, so I think it’s time for everyone to forgive John Galliano. He deserves a second chance, don’t we all? I heard someone is giving him the opportunity to make amends; I would love to see that, especially if it translates into beautiful fashion.
John Galliano
F/W 2009 RTW
Can you tell I love his Fall collections?
Images from

So... Do you forgive him, Oscar de la Renta and I already did, will you?

PS: John, I love you and your art.



I have no girl friends, just guy friends and no boyfriend.

Is this something that happens often to women? I’m having a hard time understanding this whole setting. The first thing that comes to my mind when I read this post title is: “She must be a slut, that’s the reason why” but believe me friends that’s definitely not the case here. So does it makes a bigger reason for me to worry about this? Rule #1 in my life: Do not worry, ever! It won’t change a damn thing; just make your life a whole lot more complicated. So now that has been taken out of the picture, what should I do about this? Or maybe I shouldn’t do anything at all? Ok, so let’s start by the beginning. How many bff do you have in life? Three tops? Maybe, but most likely it is only one who’s your true best friend, the one that knows every secret of yours, that could recognize your rants over a mile away, not the other two to whom you only say that they’re your bff because; a) she said it first and you don’t wanna hurt his/her feelings or b) you said it while you were drunk and now you can’t take it back. Having said that, why would you need any more friends? Girlfriends, for that matter, huh? One is enough don’t you think? So what could possibly be wrong about having the rest of your friends to be guys? Exactly, nothing! But what I really wonder here is… why would they want to be your friends? Ok, first things first, a statistic: 89% of men think being friendly and nice to them means “I’m flirting with you”, and that, gives them all the guts to hit on you back (according to them) and to believe that they might actually get a chance of getting into your pants (such idiots). With that last interesting fact in mind, maybe the reason behind guys being your “friends” is… sadly, sex. Or the hope of someday having sex, you know, leaving the doors open just in case. What do you girls think? I would love to know!
Example: My "friend", the greek, who texts me often, even though he lives in an whole different continent and has a girlfriend. What's in his head? Why he feels that he needs to keep communication going on between us? On what purpose?

NOTE: With this post I do not mean that there are no real guy friends out there, maybe your best friend is a guy, no argument on that! What I’m talking about here is merely, let’s say, sporadic friendships with guys, guys who text you often just to chat a little bit, that seem interested in what may be happening in your life, how’d you doing, etc.