Sunday, July 28, 2013

I have no girl friends, just guy friends and no boyfriend.

Is this something that happens often to women? I’m having a hard time understanding this whole setting. The first thing that comes to my mind when I read this post title is: “She must be a slut, that’s the reason why” but believe me friends that’s definitely not the case here. So does it makes a bigger reason for me to worry about this? Rule #1 in my life: Do not worry, ever! It won’t change a damn thing; just make your life a whole lot more complicated. So now that has been taken out of the picture, what should I do about this? Or maybe I shouldn’t do anything at all? Ok, so let’s start by the beginning. How many bff do you have in life? Three tops? Maybe, but most likely it is only one who’s your true best friend, the one that knows every secret of yours, that could recognize your rants over a mile away, not the other two to whom you only say that they’re your bff because; a) she said it first and you don’t wanna hurt his/her feelings or b) you said it while you were drunk and now you can’t take it back. Having said that, why would you need any more friends? Girlfriends, for that matter, huh? One is enough don’t you think? So what could possibly be wrong about having the rest of your friends to be guys? Exactly, nothing! But what I really wonder here is… why would they want to be your friends? Ok, first things first, a statistic: 89% of men think being friendly and nice to them means “I’m flirting with you”, and that, gives them all the guts to hit on you back (according to them) and to believe that they might actually get a chance of getting into your pants (such idiots). With that last interesting fact in mind, maybe the reason behind guys being your “friends” is… sadly, sex. Or the hope of someday having sex, you know, leaving the doors open just in case. What do you girls think? I would love to know!
Example: My "friend", the greek, who texts me often, even though he lives in an whole different continent and has a girlfriend. What's in his head? Why he feels that he needs to keep communication going on between us? On what purpose?

NOTE: With this post I do not mean that there are no real guy friends out there, maybe your best friend is a guy, no argument on that! What I’m talking about here is merely, let’s say, sporadic friendships with guys, guys who text you often just to chat a little bit, that seem interested in what may be happening in your life, how’d you doing, etc.


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