Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The (Vegetarian, in my case) South Beach Diet. Can you not eat carbs and be perfectly happy?

I started the south beach diet two weeks ago with phase 1, in which you’re only allowed to eat protein, vegetables, legumes, and some fats. This phase lasts two weeks long (for most cases) and this is the time where you are supposed to shed most of your extra pounds. You had probably heard about it before, if not you can visit thesouthbeachdiet.com to learn more about it. 

At first I was really excited about this diet, especially because all the fuzz going on around it and the many many cases of people and celebrities who had gone on the diet and lost lots of weight. I decided to give it a go, I mean, what else could I loose except for a few pounds (15 to be exact), right? Let me first tell you that I’m not into the whole dieting thing, I do not like diets (who does?) and specially, I do not like the fact that the portions and combinations can sometimes be ridiculous. Anyway, this time I was up for it! And it turned out great! For the first 13 days at least… when then I decided to weight myself after more than one week on the diet and what happened? I didn’t loose a single gram. Sad, don’t you think? I had been restricting my body from carbs and more importantly FRUIT!! For almost two weeks by now and NOTHING happened. I was really disappointed and I got even more disappointed when I read other people’s experiences about how when they reintroduced carbs in their diet they gained all the weight back. It makes perfect sense though, when you take carbs and sugars off your intake, your metabolism ends up getting used to that, when you eat them back then it restocks from them just in case you decide to take them off your diet again, therefor you gain weight. 

Truth is that you body needs a little of everything, including carbs and sugar, of course I’m talking about the good ones only, like the ones in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also let’s not forget about how these diets induce you to hypoglycemia and ketosis, which are some of the side effects of not eating carbs and sugar, not to mention fatigue, dehydration, muscle loss, and constipation. I know we all want to look like Alessandra Ambrosio (BTW she eats a little of everything and still looks fabulous) but not under the circumstances which not only will NOT make you loose weight but put your health in danger. Your body is wise and will tell you what it’s good and what it’s not for you, so listen carefully. 

I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t gonna keep up with the South Beach Diet and that I will make my own, based on what I know is healthy and works with my lifestyle (which by the way includes being happy, and desserts make me happy, so I need to figure out a way on making healthy versions of these too.) I’m still working on to improve this so I can find the right balance between diet and exercise to look and feel great! I’ll keep you posted on my new eating and working out habits and let you know how I feel.

Has anyone else had some experience with these types of diets, Atkins, South Beach, or any other carb-less diet? I would love to know!


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