Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I’m in love with a guy and his girlfriend loves him too!

Manual on how to love the taken guys and feel happy about it.

How many of you out there share the man you love with his girlfriend? At first I thought it was one of those things I would never be involved in and that it was like a past century kind of situation that only happened to stupid women. Now I do not only know it is a quite common thing that happens these days but also it has nothing to do whether you are stupid or not. 

First of all since when all men have girlfriends? Why did I have the misconception that there were plenty of single men out there?  There aren’t really, not between the 28 to 35 age range at least, and don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m in a desperate search for the perfect man (or any man whatsoever), but I had recently faced to the fact that most “good” men are taken and this is new to me. Maybe it was because I was IN a relationship for the longest time that I just ignored this interesting fact. I remember feeling perplexed about how Internet dating was huge and how somehow it became a “normal” thing these days to meet a guy online and get married a few months after. (I still can’t totally process this information; the whole online dating scene makes me feel skeptic, but more about online dating later… that could be a whole other post.) Definitely this makes a whole more sense to me now, not that I’m thinking of giving it a shot though, at least for now. 

Anyway… what is most intriguing isn’t the idea that there are no available men out there but the fact that most of them are willing to cheat. We all sort of knew this, right? But doesn’t this make it better? I mean if they weren’t cheating, these men would be absolutely off limits but because they do then it is that we get to be part of their lives. Think about it. I believe it is what WE give to them what’s most important not the other way around, plus how many times have you been in a relationship you no longer wanted to be in, and how hard it was to break someone else’s heart. He could be in that relationship right now. And what doesn’t tell you that he doesn’t love you back?  Being in a relationship with one person doesn’t mean you won’t find another one you like better later on in life. There is one thing as what society has taught us that is right and wrong and a whole other to follow your heart; there are no rules when it comes to love. Ultimately it is what you give to others what fulfills you, so don’t expect anything back. You found a guy, he’s amazing, you love spending time with him, he’s perfect…. Then cherish what you feel for him and do not ask for anything back, you knew what you were up to the moment you knew he was in a relationship, so now just enjoy what you guys have. The moment you feel that you are not confortable with this anymore then make a choice and do not blame him for this, cause it is you the one who makes choices in your life, not him. But if you decide to stick around then just give out the best of you, and keep your hopes up, you never know what it might happen over time… everything is possible.


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