Sunday, July 28, 2013

John Galliano: I forgive you!

In order to start getting a little contentious here, I would like to talk a lot about Galliano and the whole fashion exile situation of his.
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Ever since I can remember I had been in love with his work, in fact I think him and Valentino were the first designers I ever heard of when I was a kid, making them some sort of the key point for me wanting to become a fashion designer. I will always owe them for shaping me into who I am; they have all my respect as artists. Having said that, you can probably imagine what I’m about to say about Galliano then, but in case you didn’t here I come.

It was a cold night in almost the end of Vancouver's winter (yes, I use to live in Vancouver. Canada, no the other one), when I heard about former Dior’s creative director anti-Semitic rants. I would be lying if I had said I was surprised, not because I knew he had this racial “preferences” before, but honestly I wasn’t affected by his words, only disappointed. I know a lot of people can still feel hurt about comments of this nature but did he really deserve such a big punishment? Cause believe me, loosing your job is no joke, but to be margined from society by everyone, it’s even more humiliating.

F/W 2011 RTW
John Galliano's last collection for his own brand.
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Truth is he made a mistake, he had had a difficult life (like most of us do under our own circumstances), we can’t possible quite get what’s going on in this genius’ mind, then who we are to judge the way we did?  Plus John Galliano isn’t John Galliano for being a nice and kind human being, but for being a fucking fashion legend, let’s let him stick what he does best, don’t we? His personal believes are secondary in this scenario, don’t you think? Let’s not exclude this world form his revolutionary vision just because the guy got drunk and spoke a little bit too much.
Christian Dior
F/W 2011 RTW
I would wear this head to toe, those booties are amazing!
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On the other hand I understand why Dior and everyone else did what they did back then, what he said was truly hurtful and cruel of his. I also believe that with the same respect he should’ve shown for all people, no matter their race, we should feel for him too. We are all entitled to our own personal believes, as long as they do not harm others, which in this case John failed to avoid, but let’s not act the same to him.

Let’s not forget there’s a beautiful “thing” called Karma, which balances out the whole universe, so I think it’s time for everyone to forgive John Galliano. He deserves a second chance, don’t we all? I heard someone is giving him the opportunity to make amends; I would love to see that, especially if it translates into beautiful fashion.
John Galliano
F/W 2009 RTW
Can you tell I love his Fall collections?
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So... Do you forgive him, Oscar de la Renta and I already did, will you?

PS: John, I love you and your art.



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